Our Story... Baking it Great Since 1995

Interesting facts about Tizzerts… Well, at least, we think they are “interesting!”

Tizzerts bakery opened for business in July 1995 near downtown Charlotte, NC.

Tiz Benson is the founder and owner, hence the name of the business. Tiz wears many hats: wife, mom of twins, family cook, soccer carpooler, volunteer, business manager, baker, cake-decorator extraordinaire, instructor, cake delivery specialist, avid reader, Pilates enthusiast, and more…

Tiz’s idea of Tizzerts began long, long ago, in Charlotte, with her mom, Nat Faison, a sensational cook who always baked a never-ending supply of homemade treats for her family and friends.

Anita Stack, Tizzerts’ Lead Cake Designer, and Manager: Anita is an amazingly devoted and talented staff member. She joined Tiz in 1994 before the concept of Tizzerts was truly developed and has been a leader ever since. Her decorating skills and creativity are unrivaled! Mary Suits is another long-time baker and decorator at Tizzerts. She has opened Tizzerts each morning, when scheduled, for 17 years without EVER calling in sick! Amazing devotion… and there are many more gifted people within our wonderful bakery.

We use the “best of the best” to provide the finest dessert for you and your guests.

Quality ingredients: local eggs from Marshville, NC, high-grade butter, pure vanilla extract, gourmet chocolate, European preserves, and more.Freshly-made fillings and frostings – among many, we are known for our famous and light meringue buttercream, rich ganache, tangy lemon curd, and rich cream cheese frosting.First-rate customer service – you can email an order at midnight and we will contact you the next day to confirm all options available. Our friendly staff will help you from start to finish with prompt and pleasant service.

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